Need Virtual help?

Transcribing pre-recorded audio to text

Converting handwritten notes/documents to digital files

Formatting, proofreading, or editing text of any size

Creating PowerPoint presentations, training materials, manuals, newsletters, handouts, etc.

Data entering large chunks of information into spreadsheets or templates

Mail merges in preparation for printing

Gift packaging and posting promotional materials

Formulating spreadsheets or creating cell-specific locked reporting templates

Managing or setting up social media groups, pages, or accounts

Cropping or editing images to specification for print or online media

Managing/updating/editing simple websites or blogs that do not require expansive coding knowledge or expertise (WYSIWYG editor and basic HTML editing)

Splicing or seamlessly editing simple audio files (such as radio interviews or other spoken recordings)

Digital sorting and archiving of files into relevant folders

Scanning of photos or documents

Contacting clients to update their personal file (no cold calling or telesales marketing)

Taking/placing client orders

Other non-reception telephony duties that do not require continuous phone monitoring



Who needs a Virtual Assistant?

ANY business or individual without the budget to recruit another employee or hire an office Temp could use a virtual solution - particularly if they do not have the physical space in their workplace to facilitate another person. Continued...

Why not just hire temporary help?

There are pros and cons to having hired help at the workplace, but the cons far outweigh the pros when budget and physical space are limited. Find out more...


What if my Virtual Assistant needs to work with original documents?

Depending on your current process for filing and archiving of originals, you may already have them scanned in and digitally stored. If this is the case, you can simply send through the links to the files, or send the files themselves. Read more...

How can I get My Digital Files to my Virtual Assistant?

There are many ways to transfer large amounts of data across the internet, and many Cloud Storage services available for free for files of small sizes. For larger files, data transfer can occur via FTP directly to Virtual Office Assignments' Drop Box account, which has a 50 gig limit. Continued...


How often can I use Virtual Office Assignments?

Virtual Office Assignments can be used as little or as often as your needs arise. A Virtual Assistant can help complete any number of projects, work in an ongoing or regular capacity, or just assist you with one immediate task. Learn more...

Packages are also available for those with web or social media sites that need daily monitoring, management, or maintenance. Read more...



"Tamara has an incredible ability to take the words I write and turn them into something that has an undeniable and well intended impact on my readers about the topic at hand."
- A.M. (Author)

"Virtual Office Assignments has saved me a huge amount of time and stress by turning all of my client files into digitally archived folders. Now I can backup my files knowing that my small business will be completely ready for expansion at any time."
- T.K. (Small Business Owner)

"Without arranging for virtual help, my staff would have spent even more time working back and missing out on family events. Now I don't feel a pang of guilt when 5.30pm comes around and I happily wave goodnight to my team!"
- J.M. (Corporate CEO)

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